[service concept]
Customers need, what we want. Quality first, goodwill is gold.

[furniture maintenance]
Wood maintenance
Use cotton cloth for furniture to dust, should be on the cotton cloth dipped in water, do not use a dry cloth to wipe, so as not to rub flowers. And then use dry cloth to gently suck the residual water.
Avoid making furniture surfaces exposed to corrosive fluids, alcohol, nail polish and other chemicals.
avoid water flushing or use wet cloth to wipe the wood-based panel production of furniture, in order to prevent artificial board glue powder, expansion, paint damage or degumming.
Metal, gold foil, silver foil maintenance
Wipe with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use a powerful cleanser or scrub class cleaner.
Metal furniture has a protective film, but if the protective film is blown flower or long-term in the humidity of the erosion of large or salt water, can lead to oxidation, rust. So to wipe with a dry cloth.

Fabric maintenance
Avoid direct sunlight, in particular, as far as possible to avoid the sun on the whole body of art furniture or board Minister of time exposure, avoid high temperature heat.
At least once a month, especially pay attention to remove the dust from the fabric structure, so that the uniform distribution of the friction, to avoid the body with sweat and dust on the furniture, to ensure the life of the furniture.

Dermal care
Do not put furniture in the sun. It will cause the leather chappedand fade.
For the newly purchased leather sofa, first with clear water to wash the wet towel. Wring dry erase sofa surface dust and dirt, and then care agent graze the sofa surface one to two times (do not use care products containing wax), so in the leather surface formation a layer of protective film, the future of dirt is not easy in-depth dermal pores, easy to clean.
1-2 times a month with a clean cotton cloth dipped in the water after the dry, repeated several times to wipe.
Avoid using sharp tool to scratch the leather, such as found on the sofa with stains, should be immediately cleaned with leather cleaning agent.
if not careful will drink dirty leather, should be immediately with a clean cloth to dry, and wipe with a damp cloth to wipe, let dry naturally, do not use the hair dryer.
Synthetic leather maintenance
Avoid high temperature, high temperature will make the appearance of synthetic leather changes, mutual adhesion. So the furniture should not be placed near the fire, also should not be placed in the heating, and not allow direct sunlight.
Can not be placed in the room temperature is too low. The temperature is too low or long time to let the air blowing straight, can make the leather, cold cracking and hardening.

[after sales service]
Distribution: in this area, we will arrange professional staff direct delivery, and is responsible for the installation and commissioning, we will provide customers with free installation services. You need to provide us with a clear delivery address, at the same time in order to better complete the installation of goods, please be sure to confirm with us the most appropriate time to help us better serve you. Other provinces customers, according to the address provided by the customer, through the logistics company direct delivery to the door.
The delivery time: we will be in strict accordance with the contract or delivery guarantee we promise delivery schedule.
3 goods replacement parts: warranty period, furniture for non-human factors damage, we will you free replacement of spare parts; damage to human factors, we provide you with commodity parts replacement services and charge the cost, the cost will depend on the specific circumstances in accordance with the standard collection.
The warranty in this area if the quality problem of the product maintenance period, please contact us and home maintenance. If you have any business or quality problems, please contact us. We will provide a one-stop caring service.
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